Sue Me

Americans and lawsuits. It’s getting quite out of hand, don’t you think? People are suing people for every little thing imaginable. When I was having trouble with my apartment (the landlord took forever in fixing the leaky roof and I was exposed to toxic mold), everyone I talked to asked me why I wasn’t suing the guy. Umm, I don’t know, because I don’t want to? Since when is filing a lawsuit the first thing that comes to mind when you have a problem?

I’m realizing the severity of this problem every time I go to my business law class. I just read an article of a case where a four year old was sued for negligence. She had run down an elderly woman with her bicycle. A four year old! What a fucking joke. Kids will be kids.

Another case that blew me away was Martin Kessman v. White Castle. Kessman is a 64 year old who’s 6ft tall and 290 lbs. He sued White Castle because he couldn’t comfortably fit into a booth. He banged his knee against the table’s metal supports. He left the restaurant “embarrassed and in pain,” and wrote to the headquarters voicing his concern. They sent him coupons for free burgers and didn’t make any changes to the booths. Kessman then proceeded to sue the company. He was obviously just trying to win money from this. If he’s 290 lbs he probably shouldn’t be in a fucking White Castle in the first place. The funny thing is, the fat fuck probably used those coupons anyway. He says that he had his wife pick up the food for him.

This case reminds me of another lawsuit where a fat lady who sued Dunkin Donuts for her fatness. Are you fucking serious? News flash – donuts are fattening. You choose to eat them at your own discretion. What a bunch of obese idiots. Honestly. Another lawsuit of a mother suing Dunkin Donuts because their hash browns burned the mouth of her 15-month-old son. News flash – hash browns are hot. They are deep fried in boiling oil. And why the FUCK were you feeding your 15-month-old child hash browns anyway? That is just bad parenting right there. She was just trying to win the $200,000.

How the hell has it come this far, America? I have half a mind to sue you for negligence. Frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit, people are suing other people and companies for thousands and millions. And every once in a while they win the thousands or millions, and the rest of America thinks, “hey, that could happen to me too!” This dude tried to sue NBC for $2.5 million because the show Fear Factor made him vomit. 2.5 fucking million dollars for making him queasy! Blatant. Greed. People are looking for ways to get rich quick at others’ expense. They don’t give a shit who they’re hurting, as long as they get the $$$.

Another ridiculous lawsuit – Edward Brewer, a convicted rapist, sued the hospital where he committed the rape. He charged the hospital for negligence because it had failed to provide enough security to protect its patients. So, he was basically blaming the hospital for his raping of a poor woman with cerebral palsy. He’s serving 10 years in prison. He should be in there for the rest of his life. Fucking infuriating.

Am I the only one who’s revolted by this issue? It literally makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe I can sue for this and make some dough. Han v. The United States of America for $10 million. No, $100 million!


I’m Hatin’ It

The food industry in the States makes me sick. The fact that I am technically supporting the evil corporations at the top of the “food chain” because I can’t afford organic shit makes me even sicker. I hate that I love fast food. But man, do I love it. I’m a borderline addict. I’m a poor college student. The cheapest and easiest food to get is the shittiest food for your health. I’m slowly but surely killing myself by eating all this crap. I don’t need a nutritionist (or a pretentious vegan) to tell me that.

A bagel with too much cream cheese for breakfast. Meaty, cheesy sandwich for lunch. Two dollar slices for dinner. Sometimes I feel like a complete fatass. Mind you, I’m barely over 100 lbs. But when I’m on the verge of a food coma and have difficulty breathing, I feel like a fatass. I’m useless in the kitchen, so cooking is out of the question. When I want to have some other type of cuisine, I usually need to pay extra… unless it’s some shitty Americanized Chinese food (which I hate). By the way, real Chinese food doesn’t taste like Panda Express. If you go to China expecting the egg foo young and lo mein you get here, you’re in for a big surprise. You probably wouldn’t like it, unless you’re willing to expand your horizons and try some chicken feet or pig ears (which are actually pretty delicious).

I don’t really miss the food in China. But goddamn it, I miss the food in Korea. I miss it so much. Korean food in the city is too fucking expensive, and Korean food is just horribly difficult to make (especially for me; I have an extraordinary ability to mess up the simplest of dishes). I love kimchi. Most Americans I know can’t even stand the smell of kimchi, but I’m Korean and I love my kimchi. I’m always pleasantly surprised whenever I meet a westerner who appreciates kimchi; it’s very rare. Korean food is so flavorful. It has so many varieties, so many spices. Asian food (in general) places great importance in variety and in using spices. A typical Korean meal would be a bowl of rice and several different dishes to go with it.

I’m tired of meat, cheese and bread. With extra cheese. And fries on the side. But what I’m most tired of is Americans’ ignorance when it comes to where their food comes from. The disgusting, inhumane animal farms. The handful of conglomerates that control the entire food industry. (Yes, I read Fast Food Nation and watched Food Inc. and Super Size Me; I’ve stopped going to McDonald’s but I still love a good burger) The consumers generally don’t even care where their food comes from. It’s there, and they buy it. At the fast food chain, at whatever restaurant, the grocery store. They don’t question it. I wish I never did.